MVT Computers presents,
The A-PET.

Welcome to MVT Computers, retro meets modern!

The A-Pet computer cases aim to provide a classic retro look to your PC / Amiga / FPGA and minicomputer motherboards. All of our cases are made from steel, powder coated in white RAL 9010 and come with a built in 14-inch 4:3 ratio monitor. Black Mechanical PC Keyboards are included in PC builds but Amiga systems will require your parts to complete the build.

Currently supported hardware.

Amiga A500 with or without Pi-Storm or Vampire FPGA
PC with onboard graphics e.g. RYZEN or INTEL in MATX or ATX format
Buy a case or a complete computer from us, we ship worldwide.
Coming soon: Amiga 1200, MISTER and PI options & more!

Proudly made in Towcester, Northamptonshire. England.

So...what is it?

Retro meets modern.

The original plan was to create an Educator64 but this quickly evolved in to the Amiga version which is much more versatile but what if you dont have an Amiga? Then the PC is the obvious answer. So we designed that but the plan was always to stay true to the design princliples of the Commodore Pet. A clean, cable tidy case that worked as an all in one system.

Why the A500?

The Amiga 500 is the most common and cheapest Amiga to buy and of course it has the most commercial software available.

Why use onboard PC graphics?

The decision was taken quite early on to avoid the backplane slots of the common PC case. This means that the A-Pet will not support plug in graphic cards or any PCI expansion. The reason is simple, it is complex and requires the dimension of the base to be changed, moving further away from the Commodore PET design.

Will it support XXXX motherboard or FPGA?

We are always open to adding support for interesting new motherboards and mini computers. Other hardware will be supported in time.

Why use pre-order?

This is a self funded project, no investors or crowd funding is used. I build these cases in a small batch system, each unit sold will help fund another build and so on. This will lead to some delays for the first orders.

When will the cases be available?

I plan to have some cases and fully built computers available before Christmas 2022.

How many cases will be built?

I plan to build cases in batches of ten if funds allow. Keep an eye on stock levels.

So what included?

Please check the shop for details.

Will the Amiga 1200 be supported?

Yes, it will and soon...




MVT Computers is run by Michael J Nurney: Mikes Vintage Tech on YouTube / Facebook / Twitter