Model 1

MVT Computers presents,
The A-PET.

Welcome to MVT Computers, retro meets modern!

The classic Commodore Pet 4032 design has been lovingly updated for the modern era.

The classic but antique electronics of the original are now replaced with many modern options from MATX PC to FPGA (ATX fitting), the power hungry CRT display is also replaced with modern 15.6 IPS HDR displays.

Do we modify old Commdore machines? No our cases are handmade steel enclosures, created in CAD and are fully welded. The flip (hood) operation of the original Pet has been added to our cases to allow easy access to your PC motherboard or Amiga.

Contact us with any questions.

Currently supported hardware.
PC MATX and ATX motherboards
PCI expansion
Any MATX or ATX style FPGA system (MISTER etc)
Amiga A500 and Amiga A1200
3.5 inch drive bay
5.25 inch drive bay


Proudly made in Towcester, Northamptonshire. England.

So...what is it?

Retro meets modern.

Imagine a unique and bespoke handmade custom PC case for your home or business. The A-Pet meets that need, 1970s style with today's technology in an all-in package.

Classic computers are catered for with the ultimate classic computer - the Amiga being a build option. The PC era is covered from the mid 1990s to today's multi-core GHz systems.

So how does it work?

Our cases are supplied in semi built (Screen and Keyboard) or fully built with Windows installed as a plug in and play option.

Our cases are made from sheet metal in an all in one construction, this means that our cases are heavy and very solid. The case can be fastened shut with 2x cap head screws for security.

MVT Computers is run by Michael J Nurney: Mikes Vintage Tech on YouTube / Facebook / Twitter

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